Ever find yourself craving the perfect gaming oasis amid Singapore’s hustle and bustle? Well, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of private console gaming rooms— your ticket to an unparalleled gaming experience right here in the Lion City!

With its dazzling skyline and vibrant culture, Singapore is no stranger to the gaming craze. But let’s face it— sometimes you just want a slice of gaming paradise that’s exclusively yours and that’s where private console gaming rooms step into the spotlight, offering a haven for gamers looking to escape the noise and lose themselves in the thrill of pixels and controllers.

Now, we’re not just talking about your average gaming spot. We’re talking about private rooms tailor-made for you and your crew, where the only rule is to have a good time!

So, whether you’re a duo with dreams of conquering virtual worlds or a squad ready to unleash chaos, the private and soundproof console gaming rooms in this multi-entertainment space have got you covered. It’s not just about the games; it’s about the experience, the camaraderie, and creating memories that will be retold over countless rounds of victory snacks.

Without further ado, let’s explore the ins and outs of Kommune’s private gaming scene – where every room is a portal to gaming bliss, and the only limit is your imagination. Get ready to level up your gaming escapades, because in the world of private console rooms, the game is on your terms.

Dive into the World of Private Console Gaming at 82Soho’s Kommune

We know how difficult it can be to find the ideal location for a solo gaming session. But fret not— Kommune’s Console Gaming segment amid its myriad of entertainment offerings, has elevated the game (no pun intended)!

Beyond their extensive selection of PlayStation games with more than 40 titles and counting, Kommune offers exclusive and soundproof console gaming rooms along with the latest PlayStation 5 console that is sure to completely transform the way you play video games.

However, do note that there are Non-Peak Rates (Mondays to Thursdays) and Peak Rates (Fridays to Sundays, Public Holidays, and Eve).

Exclusive Gaming Experience at “Kommune”: The Private Room Rates

A haven built for two players seeking a secluded gaming retreat, the KOSY console gaming room is priced at $16/hour per room for non-peak periods and at $22/hour per room for peak periods. Embracing its namesake, Kommune’s KOSY console gaming rooms are the epitome of ‘cosy’ and the beauty of the private room lies in its interior remnant of a living room— an ideal setting for a cosy gaming date with your loved ones!

Have three more friends joining you in the PlayStation 5 gaming craze? Kommune’s KLUB room is the perfect solution for gamers who want to spice up their gaming experience with a little friendship. This expansive gaming haven can accommodate up to four gamers per room and is priced at $24/hour per room for non-peak periods and $30/hour per room for peak periods.

These rates may be catered to a certain number of people but did you know that you can add more people to your room of choice at an additional charge of just $2 per additional headcount per hour to ensure that no friend is left behind?

Apart from these already wallet-friendly rates, Kommune is also inclusive to those with a keen eye on their budget. With a KOSY room Happy Hour special of $12/hour per room, these rates are exclusively available for walk-ins before 2 pm and are limited to a maximum of two players, making it the perfect opportunity to experience private console gaming at a fraction of the cost.

A non-refundable upfront payment will however be required for peak periods but if you plan to visit the multi-entertainment space on a non-peak period, no upfront payment will be required for reservations— giving you the freedom to plan your gaming rendezvous without any financial constraints. However, remember that bookings will only be held for 5 minutes, so be prompt in claiming your gaming throne!

Upon stepping into Kommune’s realm of private console gaming, you’ll discover a sanctuary of every gamer’s dream. Boasting over 40 PlayStation game titles and counting, Kommune’s list of games includes highly popular multiplayer games such as ‘Overcooked’, ‘NBA2K24’, ‘FC24’, ‘Mortal Kombat 1’, ‘Call of Duty: Cold War’, ‘It Takes Two’, as well as solo-player games like Cyberpunk, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Resident Evil Village, and more.

So whether you’re a duo ready to conquer virtual worlds in the KOSY console gaming room or a squad gearing up for epic battles in the KLUB console gaming room, Kommune is the destination where gaming fantasies become reality.

Why Private Gaming Console Rooms are the ‘Next-Level’ Experience

There’s a rising trend that’s capturing the attention of gaming enthusiasts— private console gaming rooms. But what’s the buzz all about? Let’s dive into exclusive gaming retreats and unveil the secrets behind their growing popularity.

1. A Sanctuary in the City

It’s easy to see why the appeal of private console gaming rooms has grown in popularity in our fast-paced and seemingly hectic society. Imagine having a dedicated area where you and your gaming friends can spend quality time together, free from outside distractions, and totally absorbed in the game. It’s similar to having your own personal entrance to another universe where your own rules apply.

2. Tranquillity Amidst the Chaos

One of the primary reasons people gravitate towards these private PlayStation sanctuaries is the intimate atmosphere they provide. In a world filled with bustling cafes, noisy arcades, and crowded gaming lounges, the private console gaming room stands as a haven of tranquillity. It’s a space where you have the freedom to laugh as loudly as you want, strategize without interruption, and truly savour moments of gaming without the constant buzz of external disturbances.

3. Fostering Togetherness

Moreover, these rooms cater to the innate human desire for connection. Whether it’s a duo seeking a quiet escape in Kommune’s KOSY console gaming rooms or a group of friends ready to unleash chaos in the KLUB room, the private setting fosters a sense of togetherness. It’s an opportunity to share victories, console each other in defeats, and create lasting memories without the intrusion of strangers wandering through your battlefield.

4. Indulging in Exclusivity

The exclusivity factor also plays a significant role in the popularity of private gaming rooms. The idea of having a space entirely for oneself or one’s group, shielded from the curious eyes of onlookers, adds a touch of luxury to the gaming experience. It’s a chance to indulge in a sense of ownership over the gaming environment, allowing players to customize the space to suit their preferences.

5. Flexible Gaming, Zero Commitments

Practicality is another key driver. The option to reserve a room without having to make upfront payments during non-peak days provides a level of flexibility that fits seamlessly into our on-the-go lifestyles. It’s gaming on your terms, without the financial commitments that often accompany traditional gaming venues. However, as slots for Kommune fill up rather quickly on peak days, a non-refundable upfront payment will undoubtedly be required to secure your slot.

6. Beyond Pixels: Crafting Gaming Destinies

To put it briefly, private console gaming rooms offer a carefully designed space where players may bond, escape, and take charge of their gaming destiny—they offer more than simply a place to play.

It’s a blend of friendship and isolation, an experience that goes beyond the visuals on the screen and speaks to the core reasons people play video games in the first place; to bond, to compete, and to enjoy the rush of winning.

The appeal of a private console room, where the game is yours to command and the space is your domain, should thus be considered the next time you find yourself pining for a gaming getaway.

Book your room in Kommune, grab your controller, and let the games begin!

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