Located in the heart of Orchard Road, Kommune is a digital-forward hub built to entertain high-spirited individuals with Korean Karaoke, Console Gaming, and LAN/PC Gaming. Most importantly, it’s a playground for one to commune with their friends and their youth at heart.


Equipped with concepts and quality systems directly from Korea, Kommune houses Singapore’s one and only Korean Karaoke right above Somerset MRT station.

Not into Korean songs? Don’t worry as we have tons of songs in other languages too!



Always keep a song in your heart. It’s like karaoke for the voices in your head.”

– Robert Fulton Abernethy

Gather your partner in crime or a group of friends and get ready for an immersive console gaming experience in our private console gaming rooms.


Equipped with the latest PlayStation 5, get to choose from 11 single player games to 19 multiplayer games.




Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about Rock & Roll!” 

– Shigeru Miyamoto

Step into our world of exclusive and dedicated LAN Gaming.


Kommune’s exclusive LAN gaming room is a dream come true for anyone looking for gaming sessions alone or with friends in Singapore.



Stay Low, Move Fast

Kill First, Die Last

One Shot, One Kill

No Luck, Pure Skill” 


– Found on the Internet

Offering over 70 games for you and your friends to choose from, be prepared to spend hours playing one game to another in our private board games room or common lounge area.



If you’re not prepared to lose every friend over a board game, you’re not playing hard enough.”

– Found on the Internet




4.5/5 Rating on Google

"Came here for the board games. Cozy and comfy rooms with friendly staff. You can either play music from their systems or connect your phone to bluetooth. Love the chill vibes. Can’t wait for the karaokes to be reopened."
– JJ T
"Really friendly staff! I felt really welcomed while I was there! The ambience is really nice too and I'll definitely go back again with my friends. 😁"
– Syahirah