82 Social House




82 Social House (known as 82SOHO colloquially) is a multi-entertainment habitat for social creatures & digital heroes, where unadulterated fun calls home.

Encompassing both Korean and international elements, 82SOHO first opened its doors in 2016 as VoiceBooth and Thirsty4Balls in Dhoby Ghaut at The Cathay. The multi-entertainment habitat was founded by a Korean husband and Singaporean wife duo who believed that life should be lived to the fullest and fun should be for all ages, genders, preferences, and abilities.

The house invites you to free all inhibitions and re-discover your youthful spark here with a myriad of familiar amusements. Decorated in a cosy yet savvy industrial-chic setting, 82 SOHO comprises of two distinct entertainment areas – Tigress & Kommune, catered for different interests & thrills.

Tigress (rebranded from Thirsty4Balls) is a Korean-fusion gastrobar which brings out the jungle within the urban folk and a primal meeting ground for social creatures to kindle over great food, tipples, & a friendly game of billiards.

Kommune (rebranded from VoiceBooth) is a digital-forward hub built to entertain high-spirited individuals with Korean karaoke, console gaming, computer gaming, & board games. A playground for all to commune with friends and with one’s youth at heart. 

Step inside & join our social community of play-life balance seekers! Re-discover fun & stay forever young.

SINCE 2016


To Be

A familiar yet exciting venue for people to connect socially & over digital entertainment.

An inviting space for people to rekindle with old friends, and encounter new friendships.

At the forefront of Singapore’s entertainment providers with the latest console & games, karaoke technology & dining experiences.

The Shop

Addressed in Orchardgateway, 82 Social House sits right above Somerset MRT in the heart of Orchard Road.

82SOHO is a multi-entertainment space with 2 units – Tigress (#03-17) and Kommune (#03-18).


 Orchardgateway, 277 Orchard Rd,  Singapore 238858

Unit 03-17 & 18


(65) 8112 0480



mON – sUN

11:30AM TO 11PM